These Terms and Conditions apply to accessing and using and its services. They may change at any time, and the latest version applies. By using the websites or services, users agree to these Terms and Conditions. Specific conditions also apply to some services and take precedence over the general terms if there is any conflict.

Services of the Websites

PriceInfo's websites provide price overviews and supply sources for products and services sold online by retailers, suppliers, and service providers. The information is not legally binding and may have errors due to automated research and data from third parties. PriceInfo is not liable for inaccurate information unless informed and takes action. The selection of online shops and offers displayed is at the discretion of PriceInfo and its partners. Comparison results provide an overview but not a complete list. PriceInfo may remove products and services from the websites without notice.

Contractual Relationships

PriceInfo is not a party to any purchase or contract for products or services on its websites. Contracts are solely between customers and online shops, with the online shop's terms and conditions applying. Users must check the accuracy of the online shop's information before making a purchase, and any credit risk for advance payments is the user's responsibility. Brand names, logos, and product designations on the websites are registered trademarks of their respective owners.

User Contributions

Customers can leave reviews and ratings on the websites about the online shops, products, and services. PriceInfo has the right to reject or not publish customer contributions. Customers may only submit reviews if they have used the Service and are not associated with the Service. PriceInfo is not responsible for third party reviews. By submitting reviews, users give PriceInfo the right to use the content and ratings. The usage rights are limited to the operation and improvement of services.

Indemnification regarding Customer Contributions

If a third party claims damages resulting from the publication of customer-contributed text or images on the websites, the customer will protect PriceInfo from such claims and cover the legal costs (including court and attorney fees) associated with defending against them. However, this doesn't apply if the customer is not at fault.


PriceInfo has limited liability for damages, only assuming responsibility for wilful misconduct or gross negligence. In cases of simple negligence, PriceInfo is liable only for significant duties. PriceInfo is not liable for damages of any kind, except for cases of mandatory legal liability or culpable injury to life, body, or health. The exclusions and limitations of liability also apply to employees and third parties. PriceInfo does not guarantee the type, completeness, or quality of products or information from third parties and is not responsible for their accessibility, availability, or functionality.

Intellectual Property Rights

The websites have protected data and information under intellectual property laws such as copyright and trademark. PriceInfo and its employees benefit from these laws, and any unauthorized use is prohibited without written permission from PriceInfo, except where permitted by law. Violations will be prosecuted. The user is only allowed to use the website for comparing offers for their own private use. Automated reading and content integration without permission is prohibited.

Place of Jurisdiction and Severability Clause

For disputes arising from the contractual relationship between the customer and PriceInfo, the place of jurisdiction is PriceInfo's registered office if the customer is a registered merchant or trader, a legal entity under public law, or a special fund constituted as a public law entity. If any provisions of these General Terms and Conditions are invalid or ineffective, they will be replaced by statutory law, and the parties will replace the invalid or ineffective provision with an effective provision that fulfills the economic intent and purpose of the invalid provision as closely as possible, if a supplemental interpretation is not possible or does not take priority.